5 products to sell for quick Money

       Selling unneeded and unwanted items that you have can be a quick source of cash. Selling anything requires some effort but that effort can be rewarded handsomely if you are selling the right things.  This list is by no means the final word on what to sell it is however a very good place to start.  I’ve sold these items myself and can tell you that they really sell fast. 

     1.  Computers- They don’t have to be new they can be sold to a used computer shop or online via a place like eBay.  Check local computer shops or research eBay to see what’s selling or in demand.  Price your item right for quick selling. Don’t forget local ads in the pennysaver.

     2.  Mobile Phones – Old mobile phones have a market, not everyone can afford the new ones.  Again eBay is a good place to start, research the site to see what’s selling.  I’m sure you have an old mobile phone lying around he house somewhere or you know someone that does.  Don’t rule out international buyers on eBay.

     3.  Jewelry – Fine jewelry or vintage costume jewelry will bring quick cash on auction sites like Etsy and eBay.  Gold jewelry can be sold for a pretty decent price now that the price of gold has skyrocketed.  Be careful do your research so you can be sure you are getting a fair price.  Beware of scammers.

     4.  Textbooks – Used textbooks and/or books on technical subjects sell well on eBay and Amazon.  You may be surprised at how much some books are worth especially to international buyers.  Living in a college town could give you both a source and a market for used textbooks.  Try half.com as another sales outlet.

     5.  Musical Instruments – Still have that old high school band instrument lying around the house?  Turn it in to cash, list on Craigslist or eBay it is sure to sell.  Always research before listing to determine value.  Depending on age and condition some instruments have become vintage items.

     This is a short list from my personal experience.  There are tons of items that can be profitably sold.  I’m sure other items may come to mind that you may have had selling success with.  Remember this is a sharing site so chime in and let me hear from you.


Top 5 ways to make money fast

     Making money fast can be easy or the process can require a lot of effort.  Someone needing to make money fast probably can’t afford to take a long time to do it.  So what can you really do to make money fast.  Look at the five methods below try them, I know they will work, they did for me.

     1.  Sell your unneeded or unwanted stuff on craigslist or eBay.  Very easy to do average in demand items will sell rather quickly.

     2.  Hold a garage sale or yard sale.  Sell household items, clothing, books, electronics etc.  Price correctly for quick sales.

     3.  Hire yourself out for odd jobs such as cutting lawns, painting, car washing, dog walking, etc.  Start in your neighborhood first.

     4.  Donate to blood banks, bone marrow banks, sperm banks.  Check regulations for your state to see if  it is allowed to do for compensation.

     5.  Sell recyclables such as paper, plastic, aluminum cans for easy quick cash, check with neighbors first ask for their recyclables.

     Granted you have to make some effort to accomplish each one of these suggestions but the payoff can be quick and substantial money.

Let me know what you think.

I wonder?

I wonder what  would you do if you absolutely had to make some money real quick?  Something to think about, you should always have an “ace in the hole”, someway to pull you out of a bind if you needed to raise money quick.  I know that some of you Internet Marketers  out there will have plenty to say about what can be done.  What I want to know is what can the average person do to quickly bring in some money, something that will really work in a short timeframe.  Now of course you can always ask your rich uncle to spot you some cash but what can you do to help yourself? 

The internet is littered with get rich quick schemes and scams but who knows what really works and works fast?  Care to share?

Let me hear from you.


     Not all good money makers are Internet based.  One thing I have learned is not to close my eyes to any good opportunity.  Sometimes you run across things that make you really stop and think.  Every area of life presents opportunities that can be turned into money makers. 

     I remember one day sitting in my office at work looking out the window watching a father and son paint stripes in a parking lot oddly enough with with a four inch paint roller and a long piece of lumber for a straight-edge guide. That made me think that maybe this was a simple and easy way to make money.  One month later I was doing the same thing in the same manner that I had observed.  About a month after that I realized that money could be made but that I was going about this thing the hard way.

     I ventured out and purchased some very basic equipment to help make the projects I’d solicited a bit easier.  A few months later I submitted a proposal for a very large project and was actually successful in obtaining the contract.  Now I was in a real bad situation as a novice at this new found skill.  The project required some real professional and expensive equipment which I didn’t have.  It also required a lot of time to complete and I already had a full time day job.  To make a long story short, I ended up doing a job that required 40 days to complete and had to hire 6 extra people to help get it done.  The money I cleared from that one project was equal to a year’s salary on my day job.  I spent the next 10 years in the pavement marking and maintenance business.

     I know there are others of you that have similar stories.  Let me hear from you.

My # 1 Money Maker

     Now this money maker takes my # 1spot simply because it was my first successfull effort to make money on the internet.  This distinction goes to eBay and for several good reasons. 

     The first good reason is that for the most part it requires no upfront investment.  You can start selling on eBay almost immediatetly with just anything that you have that you don’t need or want any longer, pull that old xmas gift out of the closet that you’ve never used, list it on eBay and wait for the money to come.

     Secondly, like anything else, duplication makes the process work for you again and again.  Keep finding things to sell, keep listing those items on eBay and the money keeps rolling into your hands.

     Another good reason is you instantly become an international business person with a presence on the web 24/7, 365. 

     Now this may all sound simplistic but it really can be that simple.  eBay is something you can tailor to your needs, goals, and objectives.  Like anything else there is work involved and you get out of it what you put in into it.

Let me know what you think.

Hello world!

     I’ve been looking at this thing called “blogging” for a number of years but just recently decided to take a stab at it.  I friend I met about 6 or 7 years ago suggested back then that I should look into this new thing called blogging.  I went to Amazon and bought a book, read most of it but didn’t really do anything about what I read, man was that a mistake.  All mistakes can  somehow be corrected, some quicker than others.  I have learned this over the years. I have also learned that time has limits and that I’m fast approaching the far end of those limits, so before my time runs out this is my attempt to correct a mistake.

     All my life I’ve been keenly interested in ways to make money.  I’ve discovered many ways some good and some very bad.  Unfortunately to make these discoveries cost a lot of money.  Now don’t get me wrong I’ve made some money utilizing some of the good ways but I haven’t really gotten “filthy rich”.  I believe there are a lot of people out there who or probably in the same boat as me, this blog is an attempt to reach those soulmates.  No fancy stuff, no get rich quick schemes, just an honest attempt to share information by passing on what I have encountered.  Now sharing is a two-way street and I’ll be looking for you out there to share with me, together we can make this thing work.

Let me hear from you.